Window to the SoulWindow to the Soul

Some months ago, I was in a difficult personal place. Events had happened that left me feeling very vulnerable. During this time, I tried to express my feelings through forms of art – particularly through collages. They began as hand-cut collages, that were then digitized, adding depth, color, and a

On becoming undoneOn becoming undone

Visceral. It’s a word with which I found myself keeping company in recent months. It’s the only word with which to keep company, when all other words beat a hasty retreat in the face of the dark, deep, complex ways of being human. When words fail, it is a moment

Creatrix of my worldCreatrix of my world

In what ways is being creative positioned as part of a woman’s identity? This is the first post based on a series of digital collages I created, in which I explored the ways that ‘being woman’ affects how I express myself in the world. For me, an important of my